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Sony VPL-VW95ES (inkl. 3 Jahre Prime Support)


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ProduktnameSony VPL-VW95ES - Gebraucht

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PreisCHF 450.00

Post Pac Economy
BeschreibungThe VPL-VW95ES 3D Full HD projector brings superb picture quality and an unsurpassed 3D home cinema experience. With an extremely high dynamic contrast ratio of 150,000:1, the VPL-VW95ES takes home cinema to the next level. Packed with exciting innovative features which are easy to use and control, the projector brings movies to life with vivid and vibrant imagery and comes supplied with 2 pairs of glasses.

3D Brilliance for your Home

With this projector, you can experience the award-winning combination of Sony’s explosive 3D imagery and our new, unique Dynamic Lamp Control Technology.

  • Cover for three years– from the product purchase date.
  • Specialist telephone support– an exclusive multilingual telephone helpline staffed by technical experts with detailed understanding of Projector products.
  • Collect-and-deliver repair service– if your problem cannot be resolved via the helpline, we’ll activate our no-hassle collect-and-deliver repair service. All financial costs are covered – parts, labour and logistics to and from our state-of-the-art European repair centres.
  • PrimeSupport will be provided through the Sony accredited partner

With VPL home projectors, PrimeSupport also includes:
Free loan unit– you’ll receive a free loan unit of similar specification if repairs are likely to exceed 10 working days, minimising your disruption.

Sony. The clear choice for 3D home cinema.


Motionflow technology allows the VPL-VW95ES to display twice as many images per second. This algorithm, unique to Sony, creates completely new images based on the incoming signal, and inserts them between the original frames to reproduce smoother, sharper motion.

SXRD Panel Technology

SXRD panels minimise the gaps between pixels to 0.2µm for sharper, dot-free images, making it possible to reproduce up to 240 frames per second. The opening and closing of the shutters on the 3D glasses are synchronised to ensure that each eye receives the correct image, thus reducing crosstalk to a minimum. The result is stunningly detailed, high-definition 3D images that you believe you can reach out and touch.

Dynamic Lamp Control Technology

When each of the shutters on your 3D glasses opens, Dynamic Lamp Control Technology automatically boosts the brightness in the image to that eye, maximising the picture’s impact and the lamp’s efficiency. This means that you will not lose any brightness and attain the optimal visual experience from the comfort of your own home.

Separate 2D and 3D Modes

The VPL-VW95ES allows you to pre-select separate parameters for 2D and 3D content under a variety of application modes – Dynamic, Standard, Game, Cinema and Photo – as well as automatically recognising 2D or 3D input.

Advanced Iris3 Control

This is an automatic Iris control feature that enhances the contrast in accordance with the scene. It maximises black and white levels without diminishing peak brightness.

Picture Position Memory

With the VPL-VW95ES you can set up to 5 different picture positions. The projector will memorise the positions set to meet the image aspect ratio, for example, to fit the cinema scope screen size, and these positions are selected via the remote control.

Extremely Low Fan Noise (20dB)

The VPL-VW95ES runs very quietly with an advanced air discharge system. Through a highly efficient cooling system, fan noise is suppressed to a mere 20dB. With whisper-quiet fan noise, you can concentrate on a movie or game in a quiet environment without distraction.

New Remote Commander

The VPL-VW95ES is supplied with a new remote commander, with backlit buttons for ease of use in darkened rooms, one-touch control for many popular adjustments (such as picture mode, 3D and picture lens memory) and easy grip for practical convenience.

Adjustable Lens Shift

The VPL-VW95ES has an adjustable ‘Lens Shift’ function. Picture position (both horizontal and vertical) can be easily adjusted with the motorised adjustable ‘Lens shift’ function. This expands the projector’s placement and installation options without distorting image quality.

Vertical range: Max. +/- 0.65V

Horizontal range: Max.+/- 0.25H

Panel Alignment Function

The VPL-VW95ES is configured with a function that compensates for gaps in character or colour management. It is possible to select R(Red) or B(Blue) to make adjustments based on G(Green), and to adjust the horizontal and vertical direction by shifting the full image or selecting zones of each colour.

RCP (Real Color Processing) Version 2

The VPL-VW95ES offers an “RCP (Real Color Processing)” function to adjust the colour and hue of each target colour of the projected picture independently. Additionally, version 2 adds the ability to adjust the colour brightness at the same time. With this capability, you can tweak the images to perfection.

Fully Digital Signal Processing

The incorporated high quality Engine in the VPL-VW95ES is a fully digital integrated picture enhancement engine, optimally engineered by Sony for front projectors. This high quality Engine relies on a collection of Sony-unique algorithms such as noise reduction and colour enhancement to produce sharp, vibrant, life-like images.

Built-in Transmitter

For greater convenience, the projector has the transmitter built in, thus eliminating the need for extra cabling and reducing set-up time.



High Frame Rate SXRD(1920x1080)


150,000:1 (w/Iris)







Projection picture size

40 to 300 inches

Picture mode

9 modes

Advanced Iris

Ver. 3

Gamma adjustment

11 modes

Fan noise



X1.6 / Motorised

Lens shift range

V: +/-0.65V, H: +/-0.25H

Panel Alignment

Yes (Shift / Zone)



IR IN (Control S)






Composite Video


3D Sync

Built-in Transmitter / Via RJ-45

Supplied Acc. for 3D

USB Charger x1 / TDG-PJ1 x 2 / USB Cable x 1

Remote Commander


Projector Lamp

LMP-H202 (for replacement) 

Lamp  Type

200W Ultra High Pressure Lamp

Projector Suspension Support


3D Glasses


3D Transmitter


Dimensions (w/h/d)

470x179.2x484.9 mm


Approx. 11kg

Power consumption

Standby mode:8W, Standby mode(low):0.5W

Power requirements

AC 100 to 240V, 3.0-1.3A, 50/60Hz


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