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Revox Voxnet I/O Modul

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Each room in the system needs its own Multiuser Amplifier that is connected to the Multiuser Server over a high-quality Ethernet network. The Multiuser Amplifier has an impressive 2 x 50 watt RMS making it powerful enough for most rooms. The outstanding output works excellently together with practically any speaker. Revox uses the integrated digital signal processor for its own speakers, in order to extract the best possible result from the combination of a Revox amplifier and Revox speakers.
Using a trigger input, an event can be started as a result of external influences. In the bathroom for example, a signal from a motion detector to indicate that someone is in the room can cause the light to be turned on automatically and the music to start playing.

Based on defined states of the Multiuser Amplifier, an additional trigger output can generate a control voltage. This could be used for example, to open up a screen for a home cinema system or to activate a TV lift. The amplifier also offers options for connecting a Multiuser wall-mounted unit, which as a concept, has proved itself for more than 30 years in the Revox world. Just a single press of a button and your favourite music starts to play, without having to search through your Smartphone for the right App and the right connection.

The Multiuser Amplifier has a module slot, in order to offer additional functions depending on the user requirements. The Multiuser I/O Module acts as an interface for many traditional audio products. Whether it is a television, a CD player or even Apple TV, you can connect almost all sources to a Multiuser Amplifier without any problem.
Each I/O Module has three audio inputs: one analogue input, one digital-coax and one digital-optical input. The sensitivity level of all three inputs is such that when an audio signal is detected, the amplifier switches automatically to the corresponding audio input. This results in a high level of operator comfort and offers the maximum flexibility when selecting which source is to be played. Additionally, the module has an audio output that can be set to match your requirements within the Multiuser Server. It can be configured as a traditional pre-amp output, as a Line Out or as an output for a subwoofer.
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